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| March, 10 2024 | for Michael H. Yamane, MD, MPH

For as long as I can remember I've been treated by Dr. Michael Yamane. The perfect description of him is the calmness within a storm. Whenever I've needed him he always comes through, whether via email, phone or on occasion, a last minute needed appointment. What stands out specifically is his intuitive nature. He knows me & can pinpoint with both a physical & emotional diagnosis.

He has stood with incredible & staggering strength throughout both the Covid pandemic & at the start of his career, the onset of HIV/AIDS. I admire him for his consistent stability & professionalism while always adding a personal touch to each consult.

Recently over the past couple years I had undergone great difficulties shouldering the loss of my father who he cared for as well, the loss of my beloved cat, a divorce & two moves. He has provided amazing advisement to assist in my emotional well-being during a very trying time.

Dr. Yamane is an icon to the medical community & those of us lucky to have him as our practitioner applaud the work he does & are very proud.