My Tribute to Dr. Rocks

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| March, 24 2024 | for Diana Tyler Rocks, DO, FACOI

I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Rocks. I have only the highest praise for her personal and professional qualities. A kind and compassionate person. Dr. Rocks makes each patient feel special and important. While in her exam room, you know that her undivided attention if focused on you and that your medical situation is of utmost importance to her. Most recently, I have been dealing with AFib, and Dr. Rocks has been most supportive and reassuring. In truth, I look forward to my sessions with Dr. Rocks. Like a good friend, Dr. Rocks radiates comfort and assurance. She researches medical problems and provides explanations based on that research and on her medical experience. Readily accessible by phone and email, Dr. Rocks is always available to assist. Dr. Rocks makes me feel cared for and safe. Thank you, Dr. Rocks.