National Doctors’ Day 24’ Dr. Martin Maida MDVIP

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| March, 25 2024 | for E. Martin Maida, MD
Image provided by: Deborah

Dr. Martin Maida and Mrs.Pam Maida, along with their staff at MDVIP, have provided me with the utmost care for the better part of a decade. They exemplify everything you would want and hope for with your medical care, but more importantly with your overall well being. This became abundantly clear when I came back from detox and rehab almost 4 years ago. Dr. Maida and Pam Maida, and their entire staff, welcomed me back with open arms and without judgment. Something I so cherished as other doctors in other practices were not so kind and understanding. Dr. Maida gave me the absolute best care with the annual two part physical along with follow-up wellness checks which were absolutely essential in my physical and mental health and recovery. As it is National Doctors’ Day and I am proudly approaching my 4 year NA sobriety anniversary this June, I could not think of a more fitting time to recognize both Dr. Maida and Pam Maida and say THANK YOU! They have guided and nurtured me along on this journey to sobriety. As a result, I can honestly say without a doubt that with their ongoing support and dedication, I have been able to maintain my sobriety and achieve this milestone and am forever grateful. Their knowledge and expertise is truly exceptional! If you ever need anything, and I mean anything at all, be it bloodwork results, a CT scan or MRI or just a listening ear just to name a few, Dr. Maida and Pam Maida will be there day or night because that is the top notch service they provide. Every patient out there should be as fortunate to have found such kindness and excellent care! Both Dr. Maida and Pam Maida have been a blessing in my life and for that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!