Not just a doctor

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| February, 12 2024 | for Stephen W. Rex, MD

Dr. Stephen Rex is of course a very competent doctor with an excellent staff. Together they provide excellent medical care.
And so much more.
While in Greece I got a severe throat infection. The local doctor wanted to remove my tonsils. I called Dr. Rex immediately to discuss the best action to take. I followed his suggestions and avoided surgery.
When my partner Thanos fell ill here in America, he ended up in the ER. Dr. Rex talked to the ER doctor late that night about Thanos’ medical conditions and Thanos was released.
Dr. Rex has always gone beyond what was necessary or required. He has gone the extra mile over and over every time. He is caring, competent, compassionate and invested in my wellbeing. He was so invested in helping my partner when ever Thanos was in the States, almost always without charging us.
Dr. Rex is an excellent listener and never rush through an appointment. He is calm. He is thoughtful.
Hypocrites would be proud!