Not just a doctor, but a very great person and friend

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| March, 12 2024 | for William J. Long, MD

Dr Long was my mother‘s doctor for 40 years and mine for approximately 15 . he has always been compassionate, and a very practical and excellent physician. I had a real rough time taking care of my mother and her final days. he was there for me and her, and I cannot explain how much it meant to us.. he is not just a great physician he is also a great friend. He was there when I had no one and always set. My mind at ease. I feel like he was sent from God to help me in the time when my mother was not doing well I couldn’t have made it without him.. he always made me feel like family when my own family wouldn’t help. Don’t make them like him anymore to my friend and my physician. I have a repay you for all you’ve done for me. but I hope someday I’ll be able to. in my opinion, the best physician and friend I’ve ever had.