Not only one, but many special moments

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| February, 15 2024 | for Mark M. Medeiros, MD

Dr. Mark Medeiros has been my PCP for 18 years --- and I have always valued both his amazing communications and diagnostic skills. When he joined MDVIP, I never thought twice about joining the program because I knew that it would only enhance our doctor/patient relationship. I was certainly correct. Having a doctor that is conveniently accessible by phone and available for same day or next day "time appropriate" appointments is wonderful. Although I am now 81, a widow and retired, I have a busy schedule of meetings and commitments related to two Board of Directors on which I serve. I recently came to appreciate Dr. Medeiros even more. After escaping a Covid diagnosis throughout the entire pandemic, I tested positive in late 2023 after a 4-hour board meeting, despite having been fully vaccinated and boosted. Dr. Medeiros immediately answered my panicked call and performed a detailed review of my symptoms, followed by a prescribed course of treatment. He then provided follow up personal phone calls to me throughout my treatment, assuring me that I was making appropriate progress, answering all my questions, and providing the guidance and support that further enabled my recovery. Others on my board who attended the "now notorious Covid board meeting" were amazed as they received nowhere near the personal medical attention and follow-up that I did from their doctors. I will forever remember Dr. Medeiros for his special care. This was definitely a special moment (or two), but also one of many that I have enjoyed as a patient of Dr. Medeiros.