An Oasis on the Desert

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| March, 11 2024 | for James W. Jacobs, MD
Image provided by: Joseph

I got Covid in December, 2022 and stupidly flew home to North Carolina.
The congestion and inflammation in my head expanded with the high altitudes and I had a panic attack and went into a depression.
It was a long Covid-induced condition and it was horrid..
It was such a relief to talk and text my family doctor, James Jacob’s.
He was there for me offering explanations and possible cures which shone some light into the utter darkness I was in.
He knows me for years and has been there for me many times.
Although it has taken a long time to recover from this devastating mental and physical malady, Dr. Jacobs had been with me every step along the way and I’m SO grateful for him, his caring and his expertise!