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| March, 15 2020 | for Leslie C. Murphy, MD
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My wife and I have been clients of Leslie Murphy for about seven years. She, her staff and MDVIP have been a match made in heaven. Prior to changing to her practice, I was being seen by a large practice MD and was lucky to get 15 minutes every six months. Usually during what they call a physical. Our twice annual physical are now routinely several hours in length with detailed explanations of the various tests and results that impact our health. Dr. Murphy has also given us access to her off hours and when we travel out state for several months each year. In the past few years my wife had two bouts with cancer and so having a friendly ear who shepherds her care was utmost value. Another example, my wife had serious lung infection surgery while we were traveling. As I waited alone it was her phone call checking on me and the patient that meant so much to me.

Her staff is tenacious in getting appointments at other practices when referrals are required. For example, when I fell and fractured my right tibia, I was rushed thru the x-ray and onto the orthopedic doctor (both local but unaffiliated practices) and was in a boot before I knew what had hit me. I believe strongly such results would not have occurred with Dr Murphy’s practice ideals and follow thru.
We are old enough to remember doctors who made house calls and were almost like members of the family, although smarter members! There was no rushing you through so they could see as many patients as possible. Leslie Murphy delivers the kind of care we are most willing to pay for and we cannot imagine losing her and our connection to her practice.