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| February, 15 2024 | for Matthew Hartig, MD

I am so grateful for Dr. Hartig. He has always been my greatest health advocate. I present with different and difficult health issues. No matter what the symptoms are he researches until a solution is found. I suffered approximately for 2 years with dizziness, nausea, vomitting, blurred vision and seizures. Admitted several times without a diagnosis or treatment. One hospital MD actually asked me if I was making myself sick. Dr. Hartig referred me to a Otolarynogology-head and neck MD, received a diagnois and had surgery twice. If Dr. Hartig wasn't involved, I believe that I would have died due to a brain growth.

I am currently having a medical issue. I tried to contact my cardio physican, reached their on-call center and stated my issue. I was told, the call would be sent to the nurse and she will call me back. Unfortunately no call. The next morning, I called Dr. Hartig's office @ 0845 received an office visit for 1030 same day. Presented with some abnormal symptoms, had a ECG. He had spoke to cardio MD before I arrived After his assessment spoke with cardio MD, both agreed that I should go to the ER.

Went to ER, admitted and discharged. Unfortunately no reason was found for my symptoms, meds were changed . Dr. Hartig called me during my admission and discussed my test results. I was discharged with Rx's and will receive a heart monitor in the mail, for reporting cardio episodes.

I am absolutely certain that Dr. Hartig will definitely work with me to find a solution, for this current crisis. He has done it before, my faith tells me he will do it again. Many thanks for being my Dr.