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sondra and earl
| March, 25 2024 | for Timothy A. Janz, MD

We've been patients of Dr. Janz even before he was a MDVIP doctor. He was very thorough then as he is now and always on time for his patients. We're senior citizens and have kept healthy since coming to Florida in 1997. Each year we do all tests necessary and confer with him about the results. If further issues need to be looked into, that is done. During the summer, Indiana is our home. Dr. Janz made contact with MDVIP doctors in our area to ensure we would have help in an emergency. He also kept us up on all prescriptions, even during the summer that we got Covid. He gave us his home cell phone number in case of an emergency and we had to use it a few times to go to the ER. When this happened, he called ahead to let them know we're on the way and what the problem was. On one such occasion, several tests were run and the insurance company was denying some of the test claims. Dr.Janz wrote a letter stating to deny that test would be considered malpractice and gave his phone number if they wanted to discuss it. The company did change their mind and paid! Dr. Janz has provided several guess speakers in the medical profession to talk to his patients so we will be well informed on the latest advancements and have the opportunity to ask questions that might concern us. One year he sponsored a Ladies Luncheon with a speaker and it was very well attended and appreciated. The food was good as was the speaker and there were even door prizes. The staff is very professional and helpful if you have questions, they will find an answer for you. The nurses go beyond their duty to make everyone feel satisfied. We feel very fortunate and blessed to have a doctor who is dedicated to his patient's best health and personal well-being. We couldn't find a better doctor!