The only one

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| March, 13 2024 | for Jennifer Walden-Fain, MD

The moment that made a difference was not “my” moment, but one that belonged to a very good friend who had a lymphoma diagnosis 10 years earlier. She was without a PCP so I connected her with Dr. Walden-Fain who accepted her into her practice and saw her for 1 maybe 2 appointments.
Her cancer doctors had run out of medications to treat her disease and after a bad reaction to a new experimental drug, she was hospitalized. Over a period of 3 weeks she was given multiple infusions of blood and platelets. Nothing was helping. She looked like a dying women and she was. On no occasion during this hospitalization did one of her blood doctors come to see her. These were doctor she had seen and had relationships with for many years. Only one doctor, her new primary care doctor, took the time to come to the hospital to check on her. Not her long time specialist but a doctor she had for roughly 3 months. She died shorty after that visit.
This says volumes for the only one who took the time to make a difference.