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| September, 14 2022 | for Joel Keenan, MD

We are more than pleased with Dr. Keenan. He is really focused on providing us the best medical care and attention to our overall wellness. We are particularly impressed with his self-confidence in saying he doesn't always know the answer but will surely find out. We have also been very impressed with the MDVIP program and particularly how it is applied by Dr. Keenan. The annual wellness testing has proven very enlightening and the feedback provided by Dr. Keenan is always thorough and applied to our own specific needs. My wife, Victoria, has been dealing with a weight problem for many years and has tried many different approaches with sketchy success. However, since our relationship with Dr. Keenan began, his support and advice have been instrumental in Victoria feeling more confident about herself. Doctor Kennan went back to school to learn more about nutrition, and it had a big impact on Victoria. She has now lost 60 pounds by eating the right foods and portion sizes. She is healthier and happier and enjoying her new self. Over the years, on a few occasions, Victoria has spent some time in the hospital. In those stressful times Dr. Keenan is at the hospital, every day for some time, overseeing her care and providing his usual cheerful manner while keeping a close eye on her progress. We really could not be more satisfied with our care. His wife Heidi has also been wonderful running his office. She is a very caring person and always keeps us informed of our schedule and upcoming MDVIP events. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Dr. Keenan and Heidi handling our all of our wellness needs. It's very comforting to know that you have a doctor that really cares about you.