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| February, 20 2024 | for Marvin Im, DO

When I first met Dr. Marvin Im, he was working with Ohio Health in Columbus, Ohio. During my first appointment he was surprised that I was there to interview him to make sure we were on the same page about healthcare and not sick care. I wanted someone who would help me find alternative methods before resorting to harsh methods, pills or drugs. We had a great conversation because we both ended up interviewing each other. We decided the physician / patient relationship would be a good fit. Myself and my children have now been a patient of his for 12 + years. I could not ask for better communication from a physician or his team. The ability to text Dr. Im on a Sunday afternoon when my child has a 104 temp out of no where and he responds within minutes and saves us a trip to the emergency room, it really is life changing. I see so many friends who struggle with finding and liking their physicians that many times they just go to Urgent Cares or Emergency Rooms, and they never get the personalized attention they deserve.
Dr. Im also communicates well with my other health care providers and it makes me feel like I'm getting the best attention any patient could ask for.
I make my MDVIP membership dues a priority because I believe so strongly in Dr. Im and his team. I never want to be the position again to have to find another primary healthcare physician, so Dr. Im and his team are not allowed to go anywhere! :-) Thank you to everyone for all you do for us every day. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.