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judith j
| January, 20 2024 | for Keith Rubin, DO

We were fairly new to Punta Gorda when my husband got his cancer diagnosis. Dr. Rubin would call Peter just to talk and see how he was doing. It was comforting to know that your doctor cared and to be able to ask questions. When Peter passed away, I was not coping well. I went to see Dr. Rubin and he sat with me for a a very long time while I cried and poured my heart out. He made many suggestions on how to get back into life and let me know I could talk to him anytime. Six months later I ended up in the ICU for a month with a bowel issue. Dr. Rubin would come by the hospital to just visit. It is so reassuring to know you have a doctor who knows you and really cares about your well-being. By now he knows my history and me without referring to every word in my chart. His office has a small staff who are not only friendly, but kind and efficient. I really appreciate the personal care I get from Dr. Rubin and his staff!