Praise for Dr.Robert E Ellis

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| March, 28 2020 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

My experience with Dr. Robert E. Ellis goes back many years when he first opened his practice. I had a heart condition at the time. Dr. Ellis sent me to a Cardioligist who determined that I had blockage in my right coronary artery, he put me on medication to open the artery and this worked for quite some time. Dr. Ellis put me on cholesterol medication and he followed up with blood tests frequently. I then developed urinary problems and Dr.Ellis sent me to a urologist who determined I had bladder cancer and wanted to remove my bladder, this upset me very much and I went back to Dr.Ellis. I didn't get to see the doctor that Dr,Ellis sent me so he called and got me a appt. with the doctor I he wanted me to see the first time. The doctor told me that normally he didn't see patients that had already been seen by another doctor in the same practice but as a favor to Dr, Ellis he agreed to see me. I did have Bladder Cancer but he did a new treatment and to make a long story short I still have my Bladder thanks to Dr. Ellis. No signs of cancer for 20 years. I eventually had to have stints in my heart to keep the artery open . I have had many sick spells through the years and Dr. Ellis has always been there for me He is even there for me with my personal problems.. I am almost 80 years old and give DR. Ellis credit for them still being good years.He is a wonderful doctor and friend,,I love Dr. Ellis very much.