A Pre-Historic Relationship

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| March, 16 2024 | for Todd A. Peavy, MD
Image provided by: Michelle

My entire family has been seeing Dr Todd Peavy since his residency at LSU Clinic in Lake Charles, LA. My youngest, McKevin was between two and three years old, and he is now 25 years old. We were back in the days before PlayStation One. He has always been a caring doctor. I remember how I felt that he really cared, knew what he was talking about or willing to find out, and he had impeccable and warm doctor-patent relationship. He actually takes the time to hear his patient’s concerns and complaints, he runs the necessary tests, and does referrals when needed. Over the years, he became like a close family member. I remember bringing my mom to see him, when she was living, and he took good care of her too. He really knows his patients, and I mean even before he joined MDVIP. He always greets me with a tight hug and kiss. I mean always……….even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He knows how we stuck with him from LSU Clinic, Gauthier Rd, Sale ST, and to MDVIP everyone of us followed. My daughter, Amber, says , “Dr Peavy is My doctor.” We can text or call him anytime and he will get back with you. He even sometimes checks on you. My current memory is my daughter Amber, who has been feeling bad with Long COVID symptoms of a bad cough and feeling bad episodes, had to go part-time at work and could not afford insurance and MDVIP. She reached out to him but he could not see her since no longer a member. She was sooo sad because she wanted Dr Peavy. She knew he could help her. Even though she was no longer a member, he reached out to check on her. That’s the kind of doctor he really is. I know if I brought her and she was bad off, he would still see her, at least once to help her. Yes, we go waaaay back and he has not forgot that. Ya-ba-daba-doo we love you, Dr Peavy.