A Rare Breed...a Doctor who Listens!

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| April, 2 2024 | for Lawrence V. Deck III, MD
Image provided by: Amy

My husband joined MDVIP before I did and he convinced me I needed to see Dr. Deck too, as he was so knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to review and explain labs in great detail without being rushed. While I had been turned off by a lot of medical practices that were impersonal and dismissive or the doctor thought all they needed to know they learned in med school, I found Dr. Deck to be quite the opposite. Always researching and looking for further explanations of the unusual, Dr. Deck has caught several things in my labs/physicals that had gone unnoticed by others. He also listens to my viewpoint in research I have done myself and he encourages me to seek out other opinions before making my own decisions. In coordinating my care with other physicians, he has made the process more cohesive. His staff is super professional, warm and accommodating.