Recognition for Dr. Allen Hamaker

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Thuy Nga
| January, 27 2024 | for Allen J. Hamaker, MD

Dr. Allen Hamaker has been my Primary Doctor for over 25 years.
He always treats his patients with respect, compassion and great care.
I recognized his wonderfully caring qualities from the very beginning, which is why I originally chose him as my MDVIP Doctor.
He always listens very attentively and patiently to my health concerns and always treats me with esteem and kindness.
I am so grateful for being one of Dr Hamaker’s patients!
I wish him great health and happiness for the rest of his life, because he certainly deserves the best!
Thank you for always caring for your patients with a kind heart and a great mind!
You have made a real difference in this world for all the care and comfort you have provided to all your lucky patients!
Please know you have earned a special place in my heart, in this world, and in heaven!
Thank you very much for all the medical care that you have given me throughout the best 25 years!

Sincerely, thankfully, fondly,

Thuy Nga Mast