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| February, 26 2024 | for Barry Schumer, MD

Approximately Thirty Years ago I changed my family physician and began a long relationship with Dr. Barry Schumer. One of my best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Schumer has treated my illnesses and never hesitates if he is unsure about a medical issue to refer me to a physician who specializes in treating my medical issue.

After my last Medical Awareness Exam, Dr. Schumer informed me the results of the tests were exceptional. He explained I was a very healthy patient.

What makes our Doctor/Patient relationship so special is I consider Dr. Schumer to be a close and dear friend. He is like a member of my family. I have Dr. Schumer’s cell phone number, so if I need him anytime I can call.

I am so pleased and honored that Dr. Schumer is my personal physician.

Marion “Ken” Reed