Red Lights and Sirens

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| March, 15 2020 | for Christopher Edge, DO, ACOFP

Dr. Edge has been my P.C. Physician for over twenty years. When I turned fifty he was putting me through the standard battery of tests for a male of that age, i.e., heart, lungs, etc.. When we completed all those, he recommended that I have a colonoscopy. I resisted as many of my generation have done. Besides the obvious negatives {in my mind} the procedure would entail, I had absolutely no symptoms of anything being wrong in that area. He pressed on that I should have the procedure so I reluctantly agreed. A couple months later the Gastroenterologist told me, " when I got into your colon and saw the size of the polyp there, red lights and sirens went off"! [ He was using that metaphor because I was in law enforcement at the time.} He told me it was the largest polyp he had found in his practice. Thank you Chris! Without you being there for me, I hate to think what my life would have been like now. Besides being the excellent Physician you are, I consider you a good friend.