Sad and bad news and GOOD NEWS

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| March, 12 2024 | for James J. Iacobucci, MD

Was sad to learn when Dr. Iacobucci informed me he was leaving his practice in December of 2023.. After many years of receiving both professional as well as personable service I was not a "happy camper". I was encouraged to learn that we are able to continue our relationship in a new setting. He has always been responsive and always explained things in a manner and language I was able to understand. I look forward to seeing him in the new location when my next physical is scheduled. In the interim I am confident and comfortable in contacting him before then with any issues large or small. I greatly appreciate having him continue to be my primary care physician. He also has the respect of my cardiologist. Not something to take lightly. I might add that I feel very comfortable sharing any issues or concerns with him.