Saved me and our trip

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| March, 10 2024 | for Tim B. Cummings, MD

Had trip to Egypt planned but was noticing a shortness of breath that was not getting better. Stopped in to make appt., he would not let me leave office without blood work and ekg. Next morning he called to tell me my blood count was seriously low. I was severely anemic. Wanted me to have blood transfusion but hospital refused. I was 7.3 and I needed to be 7. Many tests were ordered as well as iron Infusion,twice. Luckily all tests were clear and the iron infusion along with 3 months of iron tablets brought blood units up. All this began 3 months before our trip. I have a bad back so I expected to have some difficulty with all the walking because of that but if my dr had not jumped on things as quickly I would have also been so short of breath I would not have been able to walk over 17,000 steps in one day to see the louve not counting all the walking we did the rest of the 26 days we were gone.
Other Dr's would have probably ordered the tests but I doubt they would have pushed for tests and results to be done so fast.