The Second Opinion saved my life

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| March, 10 2024 | for Cynthia Burns, MD
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After getting a " radical prostatectomy " in the wake of an unacceptably high PSA count, performed on me by a well regarded surgeon at a top ranked hospital; the successful surgery notwithstanding, I endured a very painful in-hospital recovery. A particular nurse's inattention and my famous surgeon's surprise disappearance coincided with my worsening physical condition; which led to my emergency transfer to yet another highly rated hospital nearer my north Virginia home. While my clinical access as an in-hospital patient improved, the quality of the care I received remained mixed ar best. Unbeknownst to me, three months following my 10/9/2019 surgery, I was suffering from pneumonia; my measured blood counts were wrong, thus deceiving; and was developing sepsis. My worsening condition inspired my wife to contact our esteemed Family Physician, Dr. Cynthia Burns, M.D. ( now in Great Falls MDVIP ) whom we both know literally saved my life. Dr. Burns' pro-active, omni-competent, timely and unrelenting clinical intercession on my behalf rattled the right cages. Dr. Burns has become my family's Ground Zero for all things medical, and our proven heroine.