She is quite responsive and caring - ALL THE TIME.

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| March, 2 2018 | for Claire P. Katz, MD
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I came to Dr. Katz at age 58 when a series of life events and stress had taken its toll on my health. I had many non-life threatening conditions that nonetheless had drastically changed my lifestyle . I was being treated by many specialists and had for the first time in my life been prescribed regular, daily medication.l Dr. Katz has been so effective at managing me, and bringing control and reason to my medical journey. She is the only doctor I've had who looks forward in my life and who is preparing me for a healthy old age. Lastly Dr. Katz has been a godsend for a couple of accidents I've had. One was while I was in California, and she was awesome in managing my pain, and getting me through a head injury. She is quite responsive and caring - ALL THE TIME.