She's Amazing!!!

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| February, 10 2024 | for Rebecca Franzi-Osborne, MD

Dr Rebecca Franzi-Osborne is my doctor she took over when Dr Leff retired. Dr Leff after being my doctor for numerous years before joining MDVIP was fabulous. He was very through, proactive and caring I really hated to see him retire. Enter Dr Rebecca Franzi-Osborne! She is very open minded and progressive in a good way. She took me off satins because they were affecting my gastro system. She felt given my active lifestyle daily exercise, actively working and quality diet would offset the effects of high cholesterol (104).
The elimination of satins made a remarkable improvement i.e. normal bowel movements, increase in energy and just a feeling good! In addition to elminating satins Iam now on Repatha which is an amazing way to control Cholesterol within 30 days my levels drop by at least 50%. All in all things are great with Dr Leff's choice of his replacement, thats not say he could ever be replaced!