So Appreciative

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| March, 15 2024 | for Nidhi Gill, MD

In February of 2020, I went to the Ice House in Ashburn, VA to enjoy an hour of ice skating. After 45 min. of pure delight, I caught the tip of my right foot in the ice and down I went smashing my right shoulder into the ice. I heard a crack but thought it was the ice. How crazy was that! Several other skaters came to my rescue. I crawled off the ice, called my husband and off to the ER we went. Joe and I had recently re-located to the area from Delaware and did not have a doctor. Our son gave us the number of an orthopedist and from that contact the orthopedist recommended Dr. Nidhi Gill practicing Internal Medicine. Dr. Gill accepted me into her practice and both of us have remained with her since. We are grateful for her professionalism; willingness to try whatever means available prior to prescribing pills; time she shares with you when you go into the office; friendly and professional atmosphere of the office staff. Thank you, Dr. Gill, for sharing your knowledge and skills with us.