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| February, 17 2024 | for David A. Myers, MD

The beginning is not very amazing. Doctor Myers had an office about a mile from my house, and I was between GP-type docs who could serve as the captain of my team of physicians. He had room on the schedule, so we started doing business. He was good at communicating and at keeping records, and seemed very satisfactory.
Then he decided that he was going to affiliate with MDVIP, and explained that this was going to cost$$$. There were only two choices: come up with the extra $$$ or go find another captain for my team. Since I had no other choice, because I liked his work, I came up with the $$$ and continued enjoying his services.
I talked him up, and before long, my wife decided that he was well worth the $$$, so she also came up with the $$$ and joined his happy little band.
Soon, he discovered a genetic test for cancer, which could be had for a little bit more $$$, and we both got aboard. So far, we are in good health. Dr. Myers is always available and runs the numbers from our annual analysis of our health. He continues to coordinate among our many specialists, and we are both very well satisfied with his services. He is truly a SUPER DOC, and we are delighted to have him working with us, as we ease into our eighties in good health and spirits.