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| March, 2 2024 | for Joseph E. Allen II, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Joseph E. Allen, II for years now. I can truthfully say I feel so much better now than when under the care of any other doctor prior to Dr. Allen. Better both mentally and physically; and, also, more secure in my health and in my doctor. More to the point, in 2020, I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, unfortunately. The way I understand it, one of the main concerns of this disease is a mass forming in your pancreas and causing more harm. On top of that, the word mass frightens me. One way to detect this happening is through an elevation in your liver enzymes. In October 2023, my gastro doctor told me to come back in a year for my annual visit. After leaving his office, I thought 'hmm that's a long time not to have my liver enzyme level(s) checked. It was only a few days later, I had a follow up appointment scheduled with Dr. AlIen. I told him about my visit with my gastro doctor, of course, and my concerns in re my liver enzymes. He reminded me, with his office, I have four blood draws a year; and he would be checking the results himself. That day Dr. Allen literally told me, "I have your back". That, my friend, sealed the deal for me! Needless to say, I respect and trust Dr. Allen with my health needs, and as long as I can afford him, he will be my doctor. There you go. Thank you and thank him.