Testimonial for Dr. Jane Cai

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| February, 11 2024 | for Jane Z. Cai, MD, MS

I was recommended to Dr Cai several years ago by a friend. I only recently moved to Florida and was becoming very frustrated trying to find a decent doctor so I decided to contact Dr Cai. My first appointment confirmed that this was where I needed to be. From the moment I walked into the office I was greeted by her wonderful and caring staff and they immediately made me feel as though I mattered. When I was greeted by Dr Cai it was unlike all of my other I interaction’s with the other doctors. We talked about my underlying medical conditions and I explained to her that I need a doctor who will spend the time it takes to properly diagnose and manage my health issue. She explained the various procedures that she follows which was not like any other doctor I’ve seen over the years. I am coming up on 3 years with Dr Cai and I trust her with my life. She is one in a million!