Testimonial to my great Dr Sal

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| February, 25 2024 | for Salvatore A. Ciliberti, MD

At one point my A1C was high and Dr Sal started me on a program on what to do to lower it, gave me meds and told me to watch my carbs. the next time we checked it there.was improvement until I finally got it down and went off my meds and it is still staying in the safe range. I am so grateful he had a plan that worked. I now have high blood pressure and he has put me on meds that helped but it is too high so he added something to help lower it , he tries different methods until they work. I now am seeing low numbers, I am so grateful for his persistence with me. I have been going to Dr Sal for around 30 years and I feel so comfortable around him because he cares and always is smiling and laughing . He is available at all times and that is invaluable to me. His staff is always there and so efficient to get things taken care of. He makes sure I have my quarterly check ups and my annual physical. I never mind going to the office.
Thank you.