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| April, 3 2024 | for Gail M. Fennell, MD

My relationship started with Dr.Fennell before she was an MDVIP doctor. When she moved practices I was thrilled because the care she was able to provide improved significantly. Fast forward maybe three decades and Dr.Fennell and I knew each other pretty well. My husband was not doing well, wasting away before my eyes. His physician was dismissive of his symptoms and I knew he was in trouble when I went with him for an appointment. The doctor did not touch him nor did he speak directly to him but chose to question me about his health. After we left that office I called Dr. Fennell and she agreed to accept my husband into her practice and within two weeks she saw him. She spent nearly two hours with him asking hundreds of questions and giving him a good going over. She sent us for blood work and within days she called at 8:30 on a Friday night to tell us to go to the nearest emergency room and predicted that he would be admitted immediately. That did happen and my husband spent several days there getting treatment. Dr.Fennell spoke to me several times while he was there supporting us in the process of understanding what was happening and what to expect. He has fully covered and I still can’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t switched doctors, if she hadn’t called, if we hadn’t gone to the hospital. I will be forever grateful for saving his life. But this is not the first time Dr.Fennell has been a life saver. Twice hospitalized myself with a life threatening emergency condition Dr.Fennell was on the phone advising and guiding me as I navigated the hospital system and was confronted with big decisions. I wish her happiness in her life but I also worry about what will happen when she retires as she feels irreplaceable to me. Hopefully she’ll practice another 25-30 years!