Thank you Dr B for taking such good care of us!

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| January, 31 2018 | for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr Braver is the best, when my wife and I first started seeing Dr Braver my wife was having some stomach issues. She had been to a specialist that told her there was nothing wrong and the pains she was experiencing would eventually pass. That there was really nothing to be done.

About a week later, my wife went to see Dr B for a routine visit and the first question from Dr B was, So when are you having surgery? My wife was confused and told Dr B what the specialist had told her. Dr B had gotten a copy of the tests the specialist had run and had reviewed them before seeing my wife. Dr B told my wife to immediatly go see a different specialist, her staff made a few phone calls to get my wife an appointment in the next day or two. After seeing the specialist it was determined her Gall bladder needed to come out and if she waited too long it could turn necrotic and be life threatening. Between the specialist and the surgeon Dr B recommended they wanted to schedule my wife ASAP to have her Gall bladder removed.

If my wife had just waited as the first specialist indicated, her health would have been in serious danger !!!

Thank you Dr B for taking such good care of us!