Thank you Dr. Baskot

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| January, 19 2024 | for B. Baskot, MD
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I was already a patient of Dr. Baskot for about a decade before she joined MDVIP. I felt very honored to be encouraged to join her group, along with my wife, and I am so glad we did. I always felt well-cared for, before, but now I truly appreciate the pace of the consultations and the comprehensive review. I can think of two consultations in particular that really made a big difference to me. First, thanks to the annual review of my vision last year, I got better glasses for night driving. Eventually we bought a new car with all the "bells and whistles" because we realized our old car just was not giving enough illumination from the headlights at night despite a thorough cleaning of the lens cover. I feel Dr. Baskot's information led us to being safer drivers.

More recently, I listened to her advice about building up my strength. I basically have very good health, but I started a heavier exercise regime because she mentioned by grip strength was sub-par. This new activity got me wondering if my vegetarian diet was good enough. Dr. Baskot's office referred me to a registered dietician and I learned a lot about my protein needs and options for varying my diet. I did discuss the dietician's recommendations with Dr. Baskot and I feel the combination of both sets of information has focused me on eating better and supporting the goal of building up my strength.

All in all, I really am glad I found Dr. Baskot.