Thank you Dr. Dunlap for all you do!

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Craig “Bear”
| March, 2 2018 | for Merritt W. Dunlap, MD

I have a known Dr. Dunlap for quite some time! Not only is he my doctor but he has been a great personal friend of mine. I never have been one to go to the doctor unless I absolutely needed to. With that said as I get older, he has taught me the importance of routine quality care to live a longer and healthier life. He is always there for me and my family and the impact he has made for all of us is beyond words. Hes extremely knowledgeable and always compassionate and takes the time to help when other providers in practice are so busy to get to another patient waiting to be seen. That never is the case with Dr. Dunlap. Besides being our doctor, we consider he and his family a part of ours. The Relationship is genuine and real. Thank you Dr. Dunlap for all you do!