Thank you, Dr. Guo!!

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| February, 10 2024 | for Lee J. Guo, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Guo's since he took over the practice. He is a dedicated and caring physician who makes the time to have a meaningful conversation with me. My help has improved since I started working with Dr. Guo. I have had four major issues over the last four years and Dr. Guo has been intimate to each one as I've worked with my specialists. I had a kidney stone, torn rotator cuff, received two stents in the Cath Lab and have received a knee replacement. Thru every issue Dr. Guo would follow up with me to check in, make sure I was taking care of myself and he was always on top of my charts with the specialists.

Dr. Guo is the best doctor for me. The compassion with which you treat your patients is more effective than any medicine. You are the perfect combination of responsibility and care. Thank you for taking care of my wife and me!