Thank You Dr. Nathan

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| March, 22 2020 | for Hema V. Nathan, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Nathan for close to 20 years. During this time she has treated myself and my mother as well as family members. She has exhibited time and again caring, intelligent, accurate, and extremely thorough medical care. Two years ago I came to her with stroke-like symptoms. She immediately on that day had me into a cat scan and carotid artery test. Following those results on the same day she ordered a brain MRI. She received results that same day and it was determined I had a brain tumor. Her following care was extraordinary. After Dr. Nathan extensively researched top quality medical centers and neurologists I was able to secure a consultation with a top neurosurgeon. I was diagnosed with a brain meningioma. Two weeks later I had an extremely successful surgery. Dr. Nathan’s post surgery and follow-up care went beyond routine visits. She made phone calls, monitoring my progress closely. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Nathan not only for that surgery but for her continued diligence and medical care. Very rarely do you find a Dr. who cares so passionately about her patients. I and my family are deeply appreciative of her thoughtfulness, kindness, and superlative medical care. We look forward to seeking her advice and medical care in the future. Don’t ever retire Dr. Nathan!