Thank you Dr. Ray

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| March, 12 2020 | for Annmarie Ray, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Rays before she joined MDVIP. I felt comfortable and confident in her diagnosis and prescriptions.
My husband was with another primary care physician and was having falls and high blood sugar readings. The DR. checked his vitals, told him not to fall and come back in a few months. When my husband came to MDVIP and Dr. Ray she immediately wanted to find a reason for the falls. He had a shunt and had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. She immediately made a call to neurology in Pittsburgh and we had an appt. Testing concluded that the shunt was clear and operating properly.
From that appt we were scheduled to see a neurologist. Testing concluded that my husband had
Parkinsons. DR. Ray suspected the diagnosis and helped us to find the diagnosis and further treatment. My husband has had fluctuating glucose readings and often very low readings. She pursued the readings and insulin intake. I had her personal phone number for after office hours and have called her more than once for medical advice. His blood sugar readings are now very consistent.
She has always been a good listener and compassionate and smart with her diagnosis. My only regret is that MDVIP doesn't discount the fee for a married couple. She has excellent bedside manners and call to the office are addressed quickly.