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| March, 1 2024 | for Stacey B. Carlton, MD, FAAFP

Having Dr. Carlton as our doctor for our sixty-eight-year-old brother has been a blessing. Never has our family been more pleased with the concern, treatment, and respect she has shown him, as well as the other family members. A little background; he was born Hydrocephalus. My mother took excellent care of him. He has never been in a mental health facility. When our mother passed eleven years ago, my brothers, sister, and I took over his care. He has had a couple of bad experiences with Aspiration Pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. He has a feeding tube and permanent catheter. We have been fortunate that he hasn't had constant medical issues. We had a doctor before Dr. Carlton, however, we used him mainly for his yearly check-ups and prescription refills. If there was any other medical issue, we took him to the ER, as it was hard to reach that doctor. It is not easy to transport him, as he is bed-bound. The care he receives from Dr. Carlton is beyond compare. She works well with the home health care nurses. If he needs tests, X-rays, or anything that requires a doctor's order and it is something that can be done in-house, Dr. Carlton makes it happen. She does regular blood panels to make sure his medicine levels are where they should be and did I mention.....she does HOME VISITS!! For her to call just to ask if everything is ok and does he (we) need anything is so unusual in health care these days. The feeling you get when she reaches out to you is such a comfort. Just to know that by calling the MDVIP number I will receive immediate help is very reassuring. To have her phone number and know when I call she will answer or if she can not at that time, she will return my call as soon as possible. Dr. Carlton is a very personable person. She takes her time with you. You never feel as if you are rushed. She will listen intently, think about the problem, and give you her best advice on how to handle it. Our family agrees with the amount of anxiety she has taken away from us knowing she is only a phone call away with any answer is PRICELESS!! Thank you so much.