Thanks to Dr. Pennington

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| March, 19 2020 | for Lee R. Pennington, MD

My wife and I want to thank Dr. Pennington for his steady thoughtful care regarding our various medical issues over lots of years. He has constantly and faithfully been on top of our needs . The instances where Dr. Pennington has helped us are many and varied , one being his quick response to a heart issue that I had late one afternoon . He immediately recognized the severity of the problem, as described to him over the phone by my wife. His firm advise at the time unquestionably saved my life. We are grateful to Dr. Pennington for that moment and many others where he has spoken clearly and unequivocally on medical matters of concern to us. He has consistently provided us with wise counsel and thoughtful care. He has consistently demonstrated a wide range of understanding regarding medical problems and his advise has been consistently thoughtful, caring and accurate. He is also not hesitant to refer matters to talented specialists without apparently feeling any loss of "ownership" or selfishness, the patient always being most important to him. We are grateful to Dr. Pennington for his steady and careful watch over us to insure our best medical care so we say, in all sincerity, "thank you, Dr. Pennington".