That's a good primary care Doctor

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| January, 21 2024 | for Martha M. Orabella, MD, FACP

While working on a hillside in my backyard, I slipped and turned my knee the wrong way. I usually could massage it, pressing the kneecap back into place, to ease the burning sensation. But this time it felt like I had done more damage than prior instances. By evening the pain had intensified. I barely slept that night. The next morning I could not walk without extreme pain. I thought I had ripped the connective tissue or broke something. I called my doctor, Dr. Martha Orabella, to describe my situation. She listened, asked a few questions and suggested that I had patellar tendinitis. The best thing to do was to apply ice, which I did. She also agreed that I should see a knee doctor to be sure. It was comforting to realize that it just might not be as scary as I first imagined. I could not get a Knee-doc appointment for 9 days. But, in those first 3 days I applied ice every 2 or 3 hours. It was working and by the time I saw the knee doctor the swelling had gone down. I could walk . When I saw the knee doctor I described what has happened. He agreed that it was patellar tendinitis and said, "that's a good primary doctor !" He did x-rays and movement tests to confirm. I continued to ice the knee. Today, months later, I have no problems with the knee.