There are many things he does that I appreciate

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| March, 1 2018 | for Mark L. Timmerman, MD, FAAFP

I have been seeing Dr. Timmerman since the early 1980s. There are many things he does that I appreciate but the one that really sticks out is his willingness to take the time to really talk to you about your health and your life including your family. He really shows an interest in making sure you are staying as healthy as you can be. Whether its exercise, medical tests, labs, nutrition, vitamins, etc. he takes the time to explain and discuss these matters with you in a way that puts you at ease and is understandable. My best story that exemplifies this is one day after completing a physical I told him that my wife wanted to know what he thought of my overall health (I'm in my late 60s now), He thought about it a minute and said tell her your like a good used car. When I told my wife we both started laughing about ti but it was an great way to describe my health. I look forward to Dr. Timmerman continuing to perform as the mechanic that's helping me remain a good used car!