Thomas Darrell - We are grateful for you !

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| January, 23 2024 | for Thomas C. Darrell, MD

We have known Dr. Thomas Darrell from the first day he started practice at Fuquay Family ! He has always been compassionate and concerned about not only the immediate problems but about long term health care and educating us to make life down the road better and healthier. He has been there thru our life changes and challenges. He is a Godly man and even prayed with me following the sudden death of our young daughter. It is comforting to know that if we have a question or concern or we are sick that we have a doctor who is there and available not having to wait days. weeks. or months for an appointment. We know he keeps up with the latest developments in medicine and we are glad to know he teaches younger doctors to be great doctors by the example he sets. Dr. Darrell is a God send to his patients and to the mission field locally, in the classroom and in other parts of the world. We are blessed to be his patients !