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Patricia A
| March, 25 2020 | for Genise E. Kerner, MD

A Southerner by birth and an admitted Eccentric Southern Woman 'of a certain age', moved to this very different world to be near my young, only, grandchild. I knew no one and vice versa and no one's people, found unrecognisable names, places and foods and people who stare when I say 'yes m'am, no m'am, thank you, or please'. Daily I encounter craters in roads and truly aggressive, not simply assertive, drivers who never obey a speed limit despite the weather. I could go on and on.

Then, I located Dr. Genise E. Kerner, who immediately put me at ease. I quickly transfered medical records to her office. The detailed annual preventive exams and assorted tests have reassured me and alerted Dr Kerner to a previously unrealised hearing problem. She seen me through three unfortunate accidents and referred me to specialists if needed, fortunately her qualifications are extensive, so she is definitely my primary care physician. If hospitalisation has been required, she has phoned and texted often to be certain that all is well and hasn't hesitated to make suggestions to other medical personel. As health issues have arisen, her pleasant staff have managed to arrange appointments quickly.

Dr. Kerner manages to be both personable and professional. She is like a long-time friend, I am comfortable asking advice and or opinions and discussing just about anything with her. Being her patient is a privilege.