A true gift from God

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| March, 10 2024 | for John A. Burpeau, MD
Image provided by: Nancy

Dr. John A. Burpeau from the first day I met him there was a bond of trust. Our relationship and friendship started in the 1990’s. No matter what was wrong or not wrong with me he truly listened. He understands that I know my body and when something is wrong. To me the first thing a doctor should do is to truly listen and that he does which is a gift from God. He doesn’t think or try to know everything but he does know the doctor to send you to that has the same ethics he has. I have been through a lot of physical and tragedies in my life and he has been there to help. This is just the beginning of who this man is. I hope those who reads this know if you need someone that we help you maintain you health and respect you as a person Dr. Burpeau is the doctor you want and need.