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| February, 22 2024 | for Cedric T. Barnes, DO

Dr. Cedric Barnes has been my personal physician for 22 years. When he decided to go from private practice to MDVIP, I could not even consider not going with him. He knows me so well. I have several complicating medical issues, all of which he has helped me control. I have had diabetes for 20 years and have not have any complications because he has helped me understand and control my diabetes. He is always encouraging and supportive. He listens. That is one of the most important qualities a physician can have and most don't have the time. He knows my family and how they impact my health. He cared for my father in his later years and comforted me and helped me cope when he passed away. He has supported me when I cried and when I was happy with my health progress. I am 73 years old and I can't imagine having anyone but Dr. Barnes see me through this last stage of my life. I know he will be compassionate and caring, providing the best professional care, listening to my concerns and supporting me in my choices because that's the kind of doctor he has always been to me. He is as much a friend as a caregiver. This is how all doctors should be.