Very careful doctor

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| March, 26 2024 | for Erinn E. Beagin, MD

Dr Beagin is a careful practitioner who follows her patients closely. She has a cheerful manner and is uplifting as a person. However she’s actually very observant and conscientious. She once insisted on my having several tick-borne illness tests after I was bitten by ticks in Virginia and was dizzy sometimes. By the time I had my physical the dizziness was much better, so I wasn’t concerned and didn’t want the tests. After she insisted, I had the recommended blood tests and it turned out I had Rocky Mountain spotted tick fever, which can be fatal if not caught quickly. The next year I was out of town in Virginia and got another bite for which she prescribed an antibiotic because she suspected Lyme—I sent her a picture of that odd rash which I snapped on my cell phone. Recently she diagnosed my sore and swollen ankle as a vascular issue. It seemed to me to be an injury and probably bone-related, but she said to follow it up with a vascular surgeon. Indeed I had a blocked vein. I feel as if she saved my life a couple of times just by being cautious and following things up. She’s a very smart doctor but a very humble and friendly person with a great sense of humor. I love having her as my physician; she has gone out of her way to make my life easier by allowing me do blood tests prescribed by my cardiologist at her office when I’m in town, because it’s otherwise hard for me to schedule these tests. She’s very understanding about my travel schedule. Overall Dr Beagin is a blessing and so is her staff.