VIVA Dr. L. Long

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| March, 11 2020 | for Lesle D. Long, MD

I was out of country when the family friend phoned, advising that my husband was taken by ambulance, somewhere, according to the neighbor. ! My husband was healthy or so we thought. Not knowing what happened and where he was I called Dr. Long ( this was Sunday PM) and related the above. My husband was not Dr. Long's patient. Within 15 minutes, Dr. Long called me back with the information that he was admitted to a hospital with the major stroke.! I flew back the next day and faced the sadness of the stroke.
Dr. Long arranged numerous therapies that went on for few years and resulted in a man, who people that did not know him prior to the stroke, did not believe that he actually had one.
Both of us are eternally grateful to Dr. Long and keep referring potential patients to her.
Looking for an age reversal "magic" so Dr. Long will never retire!!!