We are in our 70s and happy that Dr. Henzel agreed to take us as patients.

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| March, 2 2024 | for Kevin P. Henzel, MD
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My wife and I moved to Ohio a few years ago and we knew we would have to have new doctors. When we started asking friends and relatives that had already lived here about a general practitioner, Dr. Henzel was well known and highly suggested so of course we went to him first. We lived in New York previously and they just don't have doctors like him there. His examinations and the tests he sends us for are thorough. For the first time in our lives we were both told that we don't have cancer. We go for regular blood testing (in fact my wife just went this morning), and then we see Dr. Henzel a few days later and he explains everything that came from the blood test (or any other test he may have sent us for) in terms that we can understand. If there is a problem gives the appropriate medicine or advice on what to do about it. We are happy that he is our doctor. We'll probably live 10 years longer because of him.