We are so grateful for Dr. Martha

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| February, 12 2024 | for Martha M. Orabella, MD, FACP

My husband and I are so fortunate that we found Dr. Martha Orabella just as she left private practice and joined MDVIP! Being physicians ourselves, I know we can be lots of fun at times as we second guess and hesitate. Dr. Martha has a brilliant way of gently helping us face the truth as she has has many times and undoubtedly saved our lives. From acute onset atrial fib and her facilitation of immediate referrals, my husband is now doing quite well with his new pacemaker and Watchman. Other trials at long distances have occurred. A life threatening bladder infection a thousand miles away in a small hospital didn't stop Dr. Martha from being closely involved with local specialists and being available to us 24/7. Through discussions about wheelchairs and PICC lines to choices about 911 calls and implications, she was always there. Quiet, confident, patient and extremely well informed, we trust our lives with her! Thank you Dr.Martha for all you do.