We feel blessed to have this new doctor for my 86-year-old Dad!

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| January, 19 2024 | for Cynthia Burns, MD

At the beginning of October, my Dad’s Dr of 43 years retired. He had found somebody to replace him, and her name is Dr. Cynthia Burns.

Today was his annual physical, and his first appointment with her, and we couldn’t be more pleased! My Dad is 86 years old, and I am his caregiver. She sat and explained all the test results and was very patient or I asked a lot of questions. She was very thorough, which I really appreciate, but more than anything… She looked my Dad right in the eyes when she was going over the test results. She went into detail about what everything meant and what her concerns were and test that she would like us to get for him. She looked at him and said that she would never “force him to do them“, it would be his choice, his decision. My Dad has some cognitive issues after his cardiac arrest, but he is still capable of understanding- and it meant the world to me that she treated him with respect and compassion. She also explained how the two appointments she wanted us to make could be helpful to him cognitively.

… and me of the most important things - She allowed him to tell stories. (He writes our family stories to share with us, in which he takes great pride, so he did really well having to be there so many hours).

Afterward, I asked if he liked his new doctor, and he said “yes”, and I said, “me too”. It is great to have a doctor who you feel is really listening to you and who really cares!

Thank you, Dr. Burns!

P.S. She was even patient when I’d ramble on , also. Sometimes I don’t “catch myself “ when my Adult ADHD acts up, like during his appointment, but she would gently get me back on track, which was very helpful! :)